Zimbabwe: A New Wave in Land Grabbing?

Harare, Zimbabwe: An hour ago, Associated Press reported that three white cattle farmers have been ejected from their land by some of Mugabe’s war veterans.  A fourth farmer is apparently still holding out against some 50 Zanu-PF militants, who are threatening to break through the gates of his farm.


The land grabs started yesterday and it is feared that it may herald the beginning of a new wave in land grabbing – similar to those faced by the already beleaguered Zimbabwean farmers in 2005.


On Friday, an increased presence of riot police in Harare, coupled with the ominous presence of the notorious Green Bombers, confirmed fears that Mugabe was preparing for a war on the people. The forced evictions could well be a part of the plan.


In its present state, the outcome of the presidential elections that took place a week and a day ago is estimated to substantially favour the MDC opposition. Mugabe is however preventing the release of the results and demanding a recount of the ballots cast. It is clear that he hopes to tweak the outcome to ensure that a presidential run-off takes place.


And, considering that Mugabe is adept at committing election fraud, there is no reason to believe that a run-off will not be the end result.  The run-up to the campaign will probably include the usually violent intimidation of the voting public. The incidences of land grabbing that is taking place now, could well be the first war cries of a new Mugabean terror campaign.


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