2010 Soccer World Cup Animal Sacrifice Planned

Reuters reported that South Africa is considering an application by ‘Traditional Leaders’ to sacrifice animals at the 2010 FIFA Soccer World cup scheduled to take place in June of next year.

It carries a YouTube rating of 18 and is not suitable for sensitive viewers. I am one of those and it took many attempts and a whole lot of tears to work through it.

The FIFA Soccer World Cup is inarguably the premier  football event internationally and probably the most watched sporting event in the world. The upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup is set to take place between the 11th of June and the 11th of July next year in South Africa –  the 19th time that the event will take place.

South Africa had to compete long and hard against 203 other soccer playing countries, pulling all stops – including the involvement of the much respected, iconic Nelson Mandela – to try and secure our position as host to the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. I still remember the jubilation with which the FIFA Executive Committee’s decision was met in May 2004 to grant rights to the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup to South Africa. An African FIRST!

The rest is history. Stadiums were built – even in economically non-viable areas – and infrastructure was created in anticipation of the enormous influx of soccer enthusiasts from all over the world. The fact that government spend is MORE than the income to be derived from the event, is incidental. The FIFA Soccer World Cup is creating employment for the ordinary person on the street, marketing opportunities for business and pressure on the government to stamp out crime (albeit that the success of the latter endeavour is questionable).

Just when we thought that is should be smooth sailing from here on end, Reuters broke the news.

South African ‘traditional leaders’ intend performing ritual animal slaughters in order to bless the Soccer Football Stadiums to be used during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. Zolani Mkiva, chairman of the Makhonya Royal Trust, said the tournament has to to be blessed in true “African style” and that they are going to slaughter cows in sacrifice at each of the 10 stadiums to be used for the event.

Just in case you have not viewed the YouTube clip, here is how it happens:

The cow’s legs are tethered together and she is flipped on her side. You can hear her moaning. She is held down by two or three people while a fourth one is standing by with a small dish and a fifth person wields the knife. They slit her throat, but the animal does not die. She screams and struggles, trying to throw off her assailant. He stumbles backwards and comes for her again, cutting some more. Her eyelids are still batting and her eyes are filled with panic and fear as he hacks away at her throat. She continues struggling weakly as the man with the dish approaches her to catch the blood spurting from her arteries. She still is not dead. There is no post- or pre-incision stunning.

It will take a while  before she will have bled enough to die – much longer than the 51 second YouTube clip embedded  in this blog.

Now, I cannot help but wonder whether the South African application to the FIFA World Cup Executive Committee ever disclosed the possibility of ritual animal slaughter. Probably not, even though some of the South African delegates MUST have known that this was likely to happen. After all, some of them will have participated in such slaughters before. I also have to wonder whether the FIFA World Cup Executive Committee would have awarded the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup rights to South Africa had they known. I seriously doubt it.

Some sources state that the South African SPCA has been made aware of the application and that they will be involved. Now THAT is a farce in its own right! In South Africa THOUSANDS of animals are ritually slaughtered every year while the SPCA turns a convenient blind eye to the proceedings – all in the name of  ‘culture‘.

Will the application to the South African FIFA Soccer World Cup Committee by these ‘traditional leaders’ be approved? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Here ANYTHING is possible, including approval. After all, we do have a propensity for erring on the side of having  populist political leaders.

My little voice is screaming STOP. But it is guaranteed to remain unheard. Hence this blog. I also started a petition to help prevent this abomination. Whether your national team is playing in the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup or not, please sign and ask others to sign too. I will be blogging about this every day in an attempt to reach more people and promoting this story as far and as wide as I can. I ask you to do the same too. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Stop-2010-World-Cup-Animal-Sacrifice


58 Responses

  1. thanx for your wondeful effort, needless to say we live in a world filled with people who just dont care a damn, but it is so wonderful to once in a while find somebody with true love of the true GOD shining from them

  2. Any culture that still practices these types of barbaric atrocities against animals make me sick to my stomach. I have nothing but contempt for anyone involved. Your sick and if it does not offect you then your even sicker.


  4. They are stupid, cruel and disgusting. Aren’t worth to reveive world cup!
    STOP THAT! Throw them in jail; do anything but STOP THIS!

  5. No coment!!!!!! Les hommes aiment le sang et voir souffrir est une réjouissance pour eux . Pauvres humains pauvre terre pauvres animaux!!!!!

  6. nn si puo rimanere indifferenti davanti a questi orrori

  7. These are ignorant barbaric uncivilized human crap. They belong in the 3rd world or worst. They are so pitiful, and they deserve every thing that happen to them. Cowards, why don’t they don’t they sacrifice themselves and do humanity a favor.

  8. As a South African I find it abhorrent that the ruling body in this coun try still use “traditional” practices in the 21st centuary! This needs to stop! Letters have been sent to President Zuma- but he claims being a Zulu it is in their culture to slaughter animals! God Save us all!

  9. What cruel bloody bastards. May those involved and those who stand by and watch, die in similar agonies -sooner rather than later.
    i WILL NEVER SUPPORT FOOTBALL.. It is disgusting that the World Cup Organisers cannot put pressure on South Africa to stop this appalling behaviour. Some sports have put pressure on over racism/apparteid etc.. They can easily do it over this. They are more bothered about the money!!!

  10. I am in the process of writing to all British newspaper and the South African officials involved in this. I am sending my emails to animal rights groups across the world. I am hoping to get some demos going outside SA embassies.

    Why have you shut down the petition? You could have got thousands more? Scotland for Animals is stirring up action in the UK.


  12. If this is what those soccer sadists perpetrate then heaven help us. Such acts are surely the outcome of satan, and those who perform them must be truly possessed.

    Christians of all countries and cultures need to militantly protest against such evil perpetrated on a defencless animal. Such evils as ritual slaughter on a conscious creature are inexusable.

    However, what the perpetrators have transacted in this life will surely come back to themselves in the next! This will, most probably, be the purgatory they may have to pass through before their hearts are broken and they seek to make amends. However, I do not wish to be too judgmental here for ‘there but for the grace of God go I’!

    The above are the real mortal sins which make the traditional major ones dissolve in to oblivion. Morally speaking, The Church is the biggesyt culpit because it needs to get its priorities right. Rather than ‘pick out midgies as it swallows camels whole!’

  13. I live in South Africa and am constantly appalled that the SPCA does nothing at all to prevent this type of cruelty. In fact some of the SPCA regularly bleed animals to death just to sell their blood to vets for money.
    There is a Zulu festival in which grown men tear a bullock apart to “prove they are men” They start by gouging out the eyes of the live animal. Why don’t they tear each other apartt so they can feel the agony. Do Africans truly believe that animals do not feel the same emotions as humans? Are they truly so retarded?
    I believe the ancient Romans lost their kingdom due to their barbarity and inhumane acts. Moreover most anicent civilisations stopped human sacrifices thousands of years ago. It appears Africans are not only stuck in the dark ages but are ignorant beyond belief as well.

  14. I live in South Africa and am constantly appalled that the SPCA does nothing at all to prevent this type of cruelty. In fact some of the SPCA regularly bleed animals to death just to sell their blood to vets for money.
    There is a Zulu festival in which grown men tear a bullock apart to “prove they are men” They start by gouging out the eyes of the live animal. Why don’t they tear each other apartt so they can feel the agony. Do Africans truly believe that animals do not feel the same emotions as humans? Are they truly so retarded?
    I believe the ancient Romans lost their kingdom due to their barbarity and inhumane acts. HMoreover most anicent civilisations stopped human sacrifices thousands of years ago. It appears Africans are not only stuck in the dark ages but are ignorant beyond belief as well.

  15. This article really upset me and I was unable to watch the clip after reading the graphic description of what happens to these innocent and helpless animals. I understand that as part of there culture, the “Traditional Leaders” see nothing wrong with sacrificing these beasts. My concern is that with such huge audiences expected to watch each of the games, that this is completely inapropriate for such an occasion. Families with young children from all of the world will be subjected to these poor defenceless anilmals writhing around in complete agony whilst people watch in horror as this is considered to be a totally barbaric practice in the 21st century.

    I pray to GOD that this is not allowed at the games. If it is deemed suitable, then S.A. should not be allowed to host the games.

  16. this is totally non-acceptable!

  17. Keep up the good work. These sad helpless creatures need all the help they can get.
    Kindly let me know how we can increase the pressure.


  18. I would normally be watching the world cup on TV. Not this time. If FIFA allow this group of sadistic psychopaths to tarnish the name of soccer they should hang their heads in shame.

    Keep up the pressure.


  19. Please, Please, please take it away from South Africa (the 2010 soccer) no country as cruel and violent as this one deserves any honours. Let aids do it’s work. Watch this country fall!

  20. Please respect people’s traditions !

  21. This is how they slaughter people as well. More than 3100 farmers since 1994 and the foreigners will experience this during the June soccer cup. More than 170,000 people been killed this decade. About 90 per day. Be careful going to South Africa

  22. I ‘ve placed a link to your campaign to end the plans for this ritual slaughter at the FIFA World Cup 2010 on my blog, as follows:


  23. Zuma wedding also featured live animal sacrifices. It’s too horrid to contemplate something like this being viewed by millions of viewers worldwide at the FIFA World Cup 2010 – children especially could be very badly traumatised by having to view such barbarity. I have viewed such sacrifices while working as a journalist in South Africa, and it’s indescribably slow, cruel slaughter, and one cannot describe the stench either.

  24. ..thank you for your concern partner in this.My name is James from Kenya and a born again Christian…i visited this site because of a concern about the killing of cows at the various pitches in SA…

    Now i would like to say this;
    In history we have heard and seen what the disobedience of man to God has brought him an those he loves…consequences that have left irreparable damages even to the lives of the very innocent.

    The sacrificing of animals to appease gods like they are doing in Nepal(India) is one move that will be regrettable if SA accepts it.we call this making of covenants with the devil himself.

    gods are not God but demons who masquerade to receive worship and glory from man.well, if them man glorifies the devil them he becomes his god…what do i mean

    “not only are we talking of animal rights but the grand reason of our BIG NO! to the event is the slaughtering of those cows will open the mighty doors of hell not only in SA alone but Africa, and the whole world….demonic altars will be activated and they will rule to opress the inhabitants of where they have been erected.

    Whether you are a christian or not this is serious staff…..it will affect you anyhow.

    My advice to the Church of Christ in SA and all the world:

    “Arise and pray” that all we got.we can deactivate all what the enemy might have done or if he has not yet we can resist him and speak protection over our families,government……


    May our true God Yahweh protect us…Amenn!!

  25. painful video to watch but sometimes you have got to just face up to barbaric practises to rid them this has no place in sport
    good point well higlighted
    thanks for bringing this to peoples attention

  26. Signed your petition:

    BOYCOTT 2010 WORLD CUP!!!!

    Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession


    I am also doing a story on your petittion etc… should be done in a day or two..

    Boycott 2010 World Cup


  28. I come to this thread and I see a bunch of white people engaging in racism and hypocrisy. With people like Luke Thomas cheering on the Aids pandemic, don’t even try and pretend this is some kind of humanitarian crusade. You’re just crying because it offends your aesthetic sensibilities.

    The stadium’s going to be filled with people eating hamburgers and hotdogs. Food made out of creatures raised in appalling conditions.

    But a black person kills a cow where you can see and suddenly it’s savagery.

    I was initially against this, but now I reckon I’ll support it, just to annoy people like you.

  29. Why I wonder do we not sacrifice human beings any more? This used to be done once but is now considered barbaric. Culture is not static – it changes- just as it was barbaric to sacrfice human beings, so is it just as barbaric and extremely savage to sacrifice cows in this way- and bulls. I am ashamed to be a South AAfrican with this primitiveness in our midst. Truly The Age of Stupid- and Cruel. We wonder why we have so much violence in our midst- WE CONDONE IT WITH BRUTAL ACTS LIKE THIS. It is just stupid superstition- not one iota of more happiness or auspiciousness is brought about by an animal suffering like this- in fact just the very opposite. Come on people, get up to date and grow up! Animals need our respect and compassion, not our juvenile savagery.

    • What I don’t understand is that Africa has a REPUTATION for being bloody, brutal, violent and this only reinforces it-as blood thirsty savages. . I don’t understand why they chose cutting cows’ throats open over art and music which is so rich and most beautiful in Africa-instead they choose to shock and DISGUST everybody with cow sacrifices. Ughhh. I’m very sorry you live in such a country. I’d be ashamed too.

  30. PLEASE stop this barbaric slaughter of innocent animals!!

  31. NOt only is is extremely Barbaric and inhumane, but it goes against MOST religions around the world. This is a WORLD cup, not a SOUTH AFRICAN cup! Have you thought about sending this to the TEAMS attending the world Cup? Maybe if they know, they too will start boycotting and try stop this. Send them the vidoe if you have to!
    If you can get me email addresses of ANY Teams / Federations / churches, I will gladly assist in the awareness! We want to help stop this, so let us!!!

  32. This is dysfunctional and should never ever happen. Animals deserve the right to live their lives in peace just as humans do. What right do we have to slaughter innocent animals. To eat to survive ok, but not to play games with. Ths is barbaric behaviour and in todays society it is simply wrong and cruel.

  33. pero que mierda es esto, que pasa en el mundo? es necesario? señores de la FIFA porque ademas de dedicarse a los negocios o se dedican a otras cosas? como la prohibicion de este horror es inentendible

  34. Sigh…we need to wake up and evolve.

  35. […] Stop 2010 World Cup Animal Sacrifice More than Just Another Petition Posted on October 31, 2009 by thewordwright Note: For those who have not been following the story, please see: https://thewordwright.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/2010-soccer-world-cup-animal-sacrifice-planned/ […]

  36. Are FIFA aware of these planned cultural rituals?
    From reading some of the comments made on the petition site, I think these comments should be forwarded to FIFA in a bid to coerce them into pressurising South Africa to ban this happening.
    Talk about backward practices for a backward country.

    • @Wendy

      Hi Wendy,
      I sent a message to FIFA alerting them and that a petition is underway against the proposed animal slaughter.

      Sadly, to date, they have not responded. I have decided that should I hear nothing from them by Monday, I will call them.

      It is critical that the petition is populated with as many signatures as possible before the end of November. This affords FIFA more than enough time to stop the 2010 World Cup slaughter. It also affords us time to initiate further measures should they fail to act.

      Your help with regards to creating an awareness among your contacts would be appreciated! Thank you for your support 🙂

  37. There is a brilliant Masters dissertation done on Animal Rights versus Culture, it is on my website please read it and decide for yourself whether culture has any right to claim moral superiority over anything else at all?


    Thank you for your good work in stopping this selfish nightmare.

    • Many cultures don’t believe animals do have rights like they are made of plastic. What my Petition is trying to do is appeal the the law makers there that what they do in that game reflects on their ENTIRE NATION. I’m trying to convey do they want their South Africa to be associated with savagery, blood, agony and gore, OR would it not be better to display brilliant music, dance, art which is so rich in their culture. I asked them to please do not deny us of this and please spare us this disgusting display of horror of animal sacrifice. I’m trying to appeal to them POLITICALLY rather than intellectually-and believe me they are both separate. I’m hoping being worried about *reputation* would stop this. If they don’t care what others think of them, no amount of skillful paper or intellectual appeal will work. It must be approached *politically* otherwise they will be cutting the throats of 10 cows. Let’s just say I’ve been around the rodeo when it comes to politics.

  38. why cant south africans have a celebration without complicating things for everyone black south africans included.

  39. Please sign my PETITION!!! NOW!!!


    This is also going to the Director of Arts and Culture-the official South African Director. It asks him to ask the FIFA to commit to art, music and dance to represent their South African county-NOT BLOOD, AGONY AND GORE. It’s a badge of shame to sacrifice animals to the world. Read it! You will love my petition.

  40. Thank you, Luke 🙂 🙂 It is GREAT that you took positive action! Would be nice if more people would send letters of complaint both to the SA government and – let’s not forget – the FIFA Executive committee who, in the first instance, awarded the rights to the World Cup to South Africa.

    Do let us know if they respond!

    Best regards,

  41. Doesn’t South Africa have any art, dance, music? I just wrote to the South Africa embassy, the President of South Africa and speaker of Parliament the following letter and I did it politely as I could:


    Dear Honorable Sir:

    What does cutting cow throats open have to do with soccer?-Do you think most people enjoy watching an animal suffer and bleed to death??-this gore fest is nauseating! Is this your idea of entertainment?? Most people in civilized nations oppose the proposed, barbaric practice of slaughtering animals in the name of ‘CULTURE’ and request that it be stopped. Animal sacrifice is repugnant in most cultures and is viewed as barbaric and savage, further giving Africa such a reputation-please spare our children of such a spectacle of violence and gore.

    The last thing Africa needs, is to reinforce the stereotype, that it is savage, blood thirsty, and backward, without an ability to progress. There will be children there-and such a spectacle of deliberate cruelty, blood, screams of agony, pain is child abuse exposing them to such violence.

    “We must have a cultural ceremony of some sort, where we are going to slaughter a beast,” said Zolani Mkiva, chairman of a group responsible for coordinating cultural activities at South Africa 2010.

    “We sacrifice the cow for this great achievement and we call on our ancestors to bless, to grace, to ensure that all goes well. It’s about calling for the divinity to prevail for a fantastic atmosphere. We believe that from the start we’ve got to do things in accordance with our own traditions.”

    Rubbish. It’s just a soccer game that happens to be held in Africa. There are less violent, and even more beautiful traditions to represent Africa such as dance, music, and art. NOT BLOOD SACRIFICE AND GORE! What you do in that game represents YOUR Country-this is not a badge of honor, but of great shame.

    Respectfully submitted

    And yes please feel free to use it 🙂

  42. What a bunch of stupid idiot savages. Thank God everybody is dying of AIDS there. Typical jungle folks.

    • Hi Luke,
      I agree that any human who tortures an animal is a savage. There are however (too many of these) savages in every country and on every continent – not only in Africa. To give you an idea:
      In Spain, to this day, bull fights take place and once a year a bull (and yes, he is alive) is set alight and left to burn to death.
      If you dig around you will find many more examples of animal torture, which we prefer calling culture.

      Very sad and unfortunately very true.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      Best regards,

      • That is a blatant lye.That is not true nowhere in Spain set a light a life bull.Can you please state correctly and precisely where it happens? Much obliged for such fully true information. You know when we fight for a cause the worst thing is it be support by false information.

  43. Please point me to your blogs where you take up this noble cause against bullfighting in Spain. Or have you not gotten around to that yet?

    • Hi Chemical,

      Thank you for the comment 🙂 The only way to boil the ocean is cup by cup. I am a South African and because the problem is sitting right under my nose I initiated and am running this particular campaign. As a working mother it is impossible for me to run more than one of these at once 🙂

      It goes without saying that I am supporting other campaigns, the latest one among which, can be viewed here:

      The perpetrators are – as is the case with bull fights, Spain. In Early November in Soria, Spain, a sadistic festival is to take place, Toro Jubilo, during which a live bull will be set on fire: A ball of pitch or tar is pushed between his horns, and set alight,to the fiendish glee of drunken ,demented onlookers. The panic-stricken and suffering animal then runs blindly trying to escape, whle being beaten and tormented, blood runs from his nostrils, and the acrid smell of burning fills the air. The suffering is unimaginable, and even worse, the terribly burnt and blinded animal is not even afforded the merciful release of death, but often is used again in the next obscene “Fiesta” of cruelty.

      Should you wish to lobby against bull fights, there is a campaign running on the Care2 network. You can sign that particular petition here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/13/stop-the-cruel-bullfighting-in-madrid

      Best regards

  44. […] description) fully conscious cows’ throats, leaving them to slowly bleed to death (see https://thewordwright.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/2010-soccer-world-cup-animal-sacrifice-planned/) are perfectly REASONABLE and ACCEPTABLE religious and cultural values and not contrary to the […]

  45. […] writing the blog (https://thewordwright.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/2010-soccer-world-cup-animal-sacrifice-planned/) yesterday on the planned ritual slaying of cows by South Africa in lieu of the 2010 Soccer World […]

  46. […] View post:  2010 Soccer World Cup Animal Sacrifice Planned « The Word Wright […]

  47. Good work, WordWright. And thanks for your contribution to ILSA
    The sooner this barbaric notion is halted the better.

  48. This sort of cultural behaviour needs to be rejected. It is backward and savage. There is no place for it in the 21st century. There is no compulsion on the part of civilised people, to accept or even tolerate, such a ghastly act. We are obliged to compel these cultures to give up their regressive ways, and to move forward. The last thing Africa needs, is to reinforce the stereotype, that it is savage and backward, without an ability to progress.

  49. […] 2010 Soccer World Cup Animal Sacrifice Planned « The Word Wright thewordwright.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/2010-soccer-world-cup-animal-sacrifice-planned – view page – cached Reuters reported that South Africa is considering an application by ‘Traditional Leaders’ to sacrifice animals at the 2010 FIFA Soccer World cup scheduled to take place in June of next year. — From the page […]

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