2010 Soccer World Cup Animal Slaughter – Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Happy slaughter ritual participants

After writing the blog (https://thewordwright.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/2010-soccer-world-cup-animal-sacrifice-planned/) yesterday on the planned ritual slaying of cows by South Africa in lieu of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, a few things kept lingering in my mind. So, I decided to put them in writing today:

One: The bloodthirsty throat slitting – or rather throat hacking – of sacrificial cows are not the worst ceremonies these animals are subjected to in this country. There are some rituals where a bull would be killed with bare hands (obviously the poor animal would be tied down). This involves gouging out his eyes, tongue, testicles and tearing his throat open. As you can imagine the latter takes a while to achieve. Cattle hide is rather tough. And YES. These heinous acts are all perpetrated to celebrate spirituality! ???????

Two: The SPCA is suddenly being referred to as if they could be the potential saviours of cows while, in real every day South African life, they – in a s far as I know – NEVER get involved with any of the so-called ‘cultural’ animal killings. On the one hand, it simply would not be politically correct. (And I am saying the latter with a good measure of sarcasm.) On the other hand, and in all fairness, it could also be very dangerous for the inspectors to try this. Chances are good that the gathering could turn on them – and this could end up in grievous bodily harm or even death. Africa is not for the fainthearted. (No, I am not exaggerating – read the SA newspapers)

Three: The number of  cows earmarked for death by suffering to celebrate the 2010 Soccer World Cup is, compared to the number of cow (and bull and goat and chicken) sacrifices in South Africa,  like a single cup of water out of a great big seething cesspool of a dam.  When you take all of Africa into account, the dam becomes a polluted ocean.

The petition (http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Stop-2010-World-Cup-Animal-Sacrifice) I launched on Saturday night (GMT+2) in an attempt to stop the ritual killing of cows at each of the ten stadiums to be used for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup is standing at 195 signatories at the time of this writing. We are still 49,805 signatures away from our target.

The petition will be submitted to the FIFA Executive committee and the South African 2010 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee.  I believe that if we have enough support, if the media gives the matter sufficient attention and if animal rights organisations internationally endorse the campaign against the planned 2010 World Cup Animal Sacrifice Rituals, it can be stopped.

For now it is work in progress.


12 Responses

  1. think that as human beings we should understand that we must have the most profound respect for our planet. Our earth belongs to all beings (including cows). There are so many wrongs on this earth being caused by greed, money, dis-respect and ignorance. How can a person hit, rape or kill another person? How can an insurance company bleed pensioners of their lifetime savings? How can our goverments sell arms to other countries then condemn war? How can a human being think he’s got the right to sacrifice an animal’s life? How can we let big companies raise chickens on a conveyor belt and in cages where they don’t get the room to grow feathers? (We buy the eggs and chicken nuggets!) There are so many of these things going on and nobody seems to care. I live in the south of France and have to put up with the sickening slaughtering of bulls they call Corrida. The locals will tell you that its an honour for a bull to be killed this way!! Who asked the bull what he thought? I’m having great difficulty finding out whether the plans for the ritualistic bull killing in South Africa will go ahead or not but as a life-long football fan It’s really a disturbing situation. I think that as our governing bodies will not have the “balls” to stand up to this barbarism and so it’s up to the people to set the standards. Respect the earth, respect each other, respect animals, respect nature. I am boycotting the world cup if this goes ahead! I really respect african culture and think that they owe nothing to the other continents but nobody can play god in condamming another being to death.

  2. Já está na hora de crescermos como civilização, afinal se amar a Deus é celebrar a vida porque cacete esse pessoal tem que celebrar a morte…ô mania de besta!!!

  3. I forgot to add – I WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE SUPPORTING SOUTH AFRICA – IT IS NO WONDER THAT OUR NATIONAL TEAM ARE SUCH GREAT LOSERS. They should know that their troubles started when they went to seek the Sangoma (Does anyone remember that?)

  4. The civilized world should boycott the 2010 soccer in South Africa. I’m sure that had the organizers known that this was going to happen they would never have awarded SA this great honour of hosting the world cup. This is barbaric, cruel, absolutely sickening and uncivilized.

  5. The article about FIFA world Cup Occult Ritual Sacrifices, etc… including references to your articles, is complete.. and can be read at: Open Letter to FIFA 2010 World Cup Teams: God vs. FIFA: Do you have the Honourable Courage to be a ‘Flying Scotsman’?

    The analogies between African Occult Ritual Slaughter and Sacrifice of Animals and Humans for Profit are direct: both involve (i) Bloodletting parasitism, i.e. the being is not humanely killed, but must slowly and painfully bleed to death; (ii) Terrorizing Torture, the being must suffer, and protest its suffering with fear and terror: the greater the terror and screams of the animal/human’s torture, the greater the muti’s potency, to allegedly ensure future financial profit, sexual prowess, or similar, for the Muti purchaser.

    Furthermore in terms of African Occult Muti Harvest Human Sacrifice, the humans sexual organs are of great significance; and must be physically removed, while the human is still alive. This ensures sexual potency for the African Ideal of Dominance Manhood: the procreation of large families, with contemptuous disregard for loving and committed procreation family planning practices, or ecological carrying capacity principles (i.e. overpopulation colliding with scarce resources doctrines of sustainability). Children are procreated in terms of their financial, ego or sexual slavery worth; i.e. they are procreated not as individuals to love and cherish; but as possessions to exploit and abuse for profit.

  6. Amazing that on the website it has the slogan “Celebrate Africa’s Humanity” – no one can possibly find anything but savagery in what these people (???) have done and plan to do.to the cows and bulls.. there is not a shred of humanity in this senseless slaughter – so I suggest the words “Celebrate Africa’s Humanity” be scrapped from the World Soccer Cup web site banner…perhaps “Witness Africa’s Savagery” would be more appropriate.
    Mr. Mandela says the soccer will “bind people” it seems this slaughtering will divide the nation and also place South Africa in an extremely bad light with the rest of the civilized world. WAKE UP. I would say HUMANITY is sadly lacking.

  7. Twitter this, social bookmark this (Delicious, Digg, etc. ), Facebook this and write about it on your blogs!

    … and link all the sponsors … will they support the slaughter??

    The 2010 World Cup Sponsors are:


    The FIFA Partners are:

    Coca Cola

    The FIFA South Africa Partners are:


    Here’s a further link to check out:

  8. I won’t even make an attempt to mince my words. These creatures are so barbaric! They imagine that they are superior to the animals they kill, but in actual fact the animals are way above the savages that murder them as even an animal is able to feel compassion.

    I don’t care if it is part of their tradition. Any tradition that involves cruelty of any sort should be scrapped. We are not living in the dark ages.

    I am not proud to be South African, in fact I am ashamed.

    • You say you are ashamed of being SOUTH AFRICAN,,,does this mean you have a chance to be any other nationality….i dont see what the whole fuss is all about …ESPECIALLY for people who eat meat. have you ever seen how he animals are killed in the Abbatoir…unfortunately i work in the Film industry and see that all the time…

  9. Well this is barbaric, listen I am all for keeping our cultural traditions( I am from Peru) but we must not keep traditions that slaughter, hurts and/or maims any animal . People we live in the 21 Century! Thi is not the Stone Age!
    I love Furbo(lsoccer) with a passion and every four years in august that’s all I do. I breath, sleep & eat soccer 24/7, but I will not support the 2010 world cup if any animals are slaughtered or hurt . NO WAY!

  10. i feel badly for the cows and im a south african women. if its not necessary i hope they wont do it.

  11. […] and they are flipped on their sides – bulls with bare hands (see yesterday’s blog: https://thewordwright.wordpress.com/2009/10/26/2010-soccer-world-cup-animal-slaughter-just-the-tip-of…) and slitting (although HACKING would be a better description) fully conscious cows’ throats, […]

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