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Location: Pretoria, South Africa

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About the Blog:
This is my soap box – from where I will say whatever I want. Call it freedom of expression if you like, call it irreverence if you don’t. I am a writer by profession. This is more than a job; it is also a hobby and a passion. Politics, economics, history and philosophy are my personal favourites – albeit that most of my paid for writing centres around economics and finance only. In this blog, I will sometimes make sense and sometimes I will simply shoot the breeze. The choice is mine 🙂


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  1. Hello
    I’m a documentary filmmaker. I’ve made films for most of the world’s major broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV in the UK, PBS, Discovery, and National Geographic in the U.S. as well many other broadcasters around the world.

    I am currently producing a film about Zimbabwe. The documentary tells the story of Emma and Mercy who 22 years ago were best friends. As a white girl and a black girl they represented all the promise that was Zimbabwe and they were wheeled out at a public press conference with Mugabe. Many years later Emma, an experienced television director, lives in New Zealand. She has lost touch with her friend but wants to return to Zim to find her friend.

    This film is a personal story that will also be the story of a nation. It needs to be made. But to get made we need support from the ex-pat Zimbabwean community. I would ask that you help us spread the word. If there are members of the ex-pat community who would like more information on getting involved with this film I’d ask that they email me (lpooley@ihug.co.nz).

    Thanks for your help, Leanne Pooley, Producer, “Finding Mercy”

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